Open letter to New England Chapter DHI members, interested non-members and industry stakeholders.

     The New England Chapter of DHI is about to embark on a new era of training, education and chapter meetings. We are hoping to provide programs that are relevant to our industry members, whether chapter members or from related industries. Part of the plan is to bring in people from related industries to help expand their knowledge base. The more people we can train about our products, nomenclature and methodologies, the better for all of us in the Door and Hardware industry.

     We will also be focused on developing an apprenticeship type of program for new industry personnel. The chapter is ramping up to sponsor ‘In House’ training and exam proctoring for the new DHI credentials.  Of course, we will also try to help members that need to finish classes related to the Legacy credentials.

     We need your help in designing programs that directly impact you and/or your subordinates. With your input we can formulate the precise requirements needed to expand our member’s knowledge and earn credentials. Credential based classes will not be the only focus, as we understand some folks are just looking for knowledge to improve themselves.

     Current members may have noticed that the chapter dues were not collected with your national dues. DHI has decided to push that task down to the chapters. They will be assisting us in the collection process by sending our dues request to current national members. Because these dues are now being collected separately, it could severely impact our cash flow. Therefore, I implore anyone related to our industry in the New England area continue their chapter membership or become a member now!

     I am looking forward to a new age of exciting, informative and relevant chapter meetings and education.  Your participation is essential to our success!

Respectfully yours;

Jim White, FDHI, AOC, FDAI

New England Chapter President, DHI, 2018-2020